AGM 2006

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Cornwall Squash

HELD at Victoria Inn, Roche on Friday 9th June 2006



Terry Beckett Chairman
Russ Jameson League Secretary
Brian Nash Secretary
Mike Robinson Treasurer
Dave Smith Junior Representative

Apologies from: Matt Baker – England Squash Members Mark Newton –Falmouth Graeme Crowder –Bodmin Gerry Thomas –Helston Rob Page, Eve Methven –Bude Martin Burnell –RAF St Mawgan Dave List –China Fleet Terry Deacon –The Garden Sports and Leisure Tim Myers –Culdrose Adrian Noot –Squash Development Officer Neil Counter –Truro Mike Phillips –Penzance

Terry got the meeting underway and welcomed and thanked everyone for coming.   He explained that we would be changing our name title in future from CCSRA to “Cornwall Squash” which was prompted by the fairly recent name change by “England Squash”

1. Trophy Presentations

Russ handed the trophies to Adrian Noott who presented them to the league winning teams and individuals..   Present Wall plaques for the Inter-Club Knockout Competition – and also the Trophies which have been engraved up to date… Pawle Cup was presented to Mark Newton representing FALMOUTH who beat Penzance by 4 ties to 1. This was the fifteenth time that they have won this trophy, the last being in 2000/01. Hine Plate Bude – Beat Torpoint by 3 ties to 2 (1st time ever that they have won the Plate)   Cups and trophies to the following League teams:-

Winners Runners up
Division 1 Truro 1 Newquay 1
Division 2 Bude 1 Truro 2
Division 3 Torpoint 1 Culdrose 1

League Cup: This is the eleventh time that Truro have been league champions and four years since they last won the league. Ladies Cup: Russ explained that a ‘Ladies Champion Cup’ had been found, the Cornwall County Squash Rackets Ladies Championship had been kept in Truro for the last 52 years!   The trophy was identical to the Men’s Cup and dated back to 1935.   This trophy was presented back to Cornwall Squash by Mrs P Rowe (winner in 1951/52) for perpetual use and has now been refurbished with a base band and all the names from the other later trophies have been added to the Cup.   The current holder is Tamara Curnow (Penzance) Mackie Cup   (Most Improved Player at the county closed) was awarded to Harry Barnes Gimson Cup As usual, it is tough to find a winner, there were many people to consider, a brief look through the rankings found lots of candidates with many games to their credit last season.   One person featured strongly in many of the categories, they had the best ‘games difference’ of 68, (Games Won – Games Lost) and was the clear winner in the overall ‘points difference’ tables with 429.   He won the most challenge matches, six out of eight and also didn’t lose a league match, winning 15. Was one of the three people who won all their three Inter-Club Knockout matches.   Overall they made the best ranking gain when expressed as a percentage (-87%)   We award the Gimson Cup toWill Tyas of Truro.

As ever Russ had done a marvelous job of pulling together the awards and getting the trophies and having them inscribed and Terry thanked him for doing a great job yet again.   There followed a discussion led by Russ on discovering the long lost “Ladies Trophy”.   It’s a shame more women are not playing, competing at squash.

2. Acceptance of Last Years Minutes

Dave proposed to accept the copy of last years minutes and Mark seconded so they were duly accepted.   Terry thanked Brian for producing an accurate report of the meeting and duly signed them off.

3. Chairmans Report

Terry said he felt that there was dwindling support for the association and observed there was lower and lower participation in competitions arranged by members of your committee.   He continued he would be writing to all clubs to push for greater participation in these organized events.   He observed that if only four players from each of the thirteen active clubs entered the organized events we would certainly have real competitions.   He said one exception to the trend was Dave and Marks efforts in supporting and running the Junior Grand Prixs which have been very successful.   Now with Mike Phillips input and efforts in pushing the academy approach to improving junior squash and Cornwall Squash assisting with the training and qualification of squash coaches he thought the junior scene would definitely be improving in coming years.

4. League Secretary’s Report

Russ presented his report which as usual was extremely comprehensive and detailed: League   This year the League comprised of 26 teams playing in three divisions, with nine teams competing in Divisions One and Three and eight teams in Division 2.   This year the League Secretary didn’t have an easy time, first came a problem with players playing up when Falmouth played Rory Brickell in two teams for the first four matches! The rules hadn’t changed for playing up (just prohibiting playing down) but an explanation/clarification letter was issued and their appeal was later turned down.   The other major headache was the amount of postponements and walkovers in the league, it appeared that teams would rather postpone a match rather than bring a player up from a lower team. In all there were 10 league match walkovers during this season which out of 162 league fixtures makes a high percentage (6.2%) of games not played, Launceston were responsible for three of them (but they didn’t have a lower team), topping the penalty points table with 20 points and sinking to the bottom of Division 1.   DIVISION 1   Penzance split their strengths over two teams in this division and both teams finished safely mid table, their seconds ahead of the firsts by 21 points!   Newquay had a good season, winning thirteen of their sixteen matches and led the league table for most of the time, however they lost the championship by only one point on the last round as Truro 1 overtook them to win the league with 197 points.   Falmouth could have been in the running for the honours but the match that went against them at the start of the season meant that they had to settle for third place.   China Fleet won 6 of their ten games to finish the season safely in mid table.   Bodmin 1 suffered with manpower problems as usual, but were able to use Gavin Johnson for a few games and just avoided the relegation slots. This left Launceston 1 who were struggling with organisation and player availability, with Helston who had internal team politics to contend with; to occupy the relegation slots.   Truro 1, have now won the Division 1 title, the Boardwalk Cup, a total of eleven times, the last was the 2001-2002 season.   DIVISION 2   Bude 1 led the Division all season, with their number one, Rob Page, not losing a League or Knockout game, closely followed by the youngsters from Truro 2. Both teams were well clear from the rest of the field and won twelve of their fourteen matches to gain promotion into Division One.   St Mellion had a consistent season to finish safely in third place with 134 points while the Bodmin second team came in with 109 points. Falmouth 2 finished fifth, reeling from their fourth round game that was turned over they picked up more penalty points by conceding a game to Bude! Helston 2 came close behind Falmouth with 94 points but they were clear of the relegation positions, which were occupied by Newquay 2 and RAF St Mawgan. Both these teams accrued penalty points from walkovers, Newquay conceded two and St Mawgan conceded one to face relegation to Division 3.   DIVISION 3   There were two teams in the running for the two promotion slots, recently demoted Torpoint had the experience and proved to be too strong for the majority of division three sides with the exception of Culdrose. The service side with the addition of some quality players, also won fourteen of their sixteen games and pushed Torpoint all the way to finish in second place only five points behind the leaders.   Truro fielded three teams in this division, which was testing on their resources, Truro three, four and five occupied the middle of the table, in that order and with forty four points between them.   Bodmin Dragons 3 and newcomers, Penzance 3 came next with 114 and 90 points respectively leaving Falmouth 3 three points down and St Mawgan 2 firmly at the bottom of the table with only 78 points. Rankings   The rankings have been religiously produced every month and sent out in printed form to all clubs during the season. All the listings appear on the website throughout the year.

There were 1730 results entered into the ranking system of these there were:
53 Challenge matches     791 League matches (168 team fixtures)     471 Junior Grand Prix Results     65 Inter-Club KO results     The remainder were County and Club Tournaments.

Mike Phillips has held onto the number one spot for all of the season, and has now been at number one for over 24 months. Knockout   We had thirteen teams from all the ‘League Clubs’ entered in the first round in December, the winners of the first round competing in the ‘Pawle Cup’ Competition while the losers contested the ‘Hine Plate’.   The competition was marred by two walkovers when Launceston failed to produce a team in the second round and Culdrose in the third round. The other request that I had was that teams should confirm the dates of the scheduled fixtures with their opponents before they travel as yes, it happened!   The Finals day was held at Newquay Sports and Recreation Centre, it was a thrilling final to the competition which was played in good spirit, we saw some of the best and most entertaining squash to be played in the County for a long time.   Penzance losing 1-4 to a strong and youthful Falmouth team in the Cup while Bude narrowly beat Torpoint 3-2 in the Plate.   This is the first time that Bude have won the Hine Plate while Falmouth scribe their name in silver for the fifteenth time on the prestigious Pawle Cup.   MENS ‘PAWLE CUP’ FINAL   Both these ‘Division One Clubs’, Penzance and Falmouth had byes in the first round, Penzance made their way to the final by beating Newquay (3-2) and Truro (3-2) while Falmouth had an easier route from the other half of the draw by a walkover against Launceston and then beating Bodmin (4-1). The number one and two ranked players in Cornwall were playing for Penzance, however they are both over 45 years and were up against players of half their age, in fact the combined ages of Falmouth team is under half that of the Penzance team!   Playing at 5 and 4 Phil Ruffell and Russ Jameson not only played younger but higher ranked players, Gareth Hudson despatching Ruffell 3-0 and Christy Pearce dropping the third game to beat Jameson 3-1. Next on were the first strings for a thrilling match, which went to five games, the youthful Ben Maundrell finally wearing out the experienced Mike Philips to win 3-2. This now meant that Falmouth had won the match and the Pawle Cup but the dead rubbers were still played, Falmouth’s most promising youngster, Rory Brickell, calmly beat a ‘desperate Pirate’, Ian Hatch by three games to one. Finally the exceptionally quick and hard hitting Treve Hosken came up against Pirate Chris Davey, who had more than a few clever shots in his locker! Davey was two games up when the Falmouth player retired with a pulled calf muscle.   MENS ‘HINE PLATE’ FINAL   Bude made it into the Plate final by only just losing their first round match to Bodmin, a bye through the next round meant that they met St Mellion in the semi-final who they beat by four games to one.   Coming from the other half of the draw, Torpoint lost their first round match to Helston, 0-5. After beating RAF St Mawgan 3-2 they were treated to a walkover against Culdrose in the semi-final.   Torpoint were winners of Division three in the league and were up against the winners of Division two which looks like an uphill struggle!   On the neutral court at Newquay Torpoint took the lead by winning the first two matches, fifth string Stewart Trumper beating John Greenaway 3-0 and fourth string, Paul Lakeman beating Collette Burgess 3-1. Next on were the first strings where Rob Page of Bude despatched Steve Long in three straight quick games. The number three’s followed on and youngster Matt Yeo had a long match with the Torpoint veteran, Terry Woodman, Yeo won in the fifth game to level the match score at two games each. The match depended on the second strings, which was contested by two veterans, Adrian Parsons of Bude and Pete Debono from Torpoint. Parsons won the match and the day for Bude by beating Debono three games to one. Press   I continued faxing the league tables to eight Newspaper Groups every week, achieving regular spots in some of them.   I have emailed reports for all the County Championships, the Strivers Tournament and the Knock-Out finals achieving good coverage. Website   The Website has been religiously maintained, keeping the tables, rankings etc current. I could still do with more team photographs for the ‘archives’ though, something which I rely on other people to do for me. Email lists   I regularly send out an email ‘circular’ of any current information and the latest league tables to over 300 ‘subscribers’. Database   There are 284 current registered players for which I will have up to date information on almost all of them.   Of these 284 there are 21 Female and 73 Junior players.   Breakdown by Club:

Total Female U19 19-34 35-44 45-49 50-54 >54
Bodmin 21 0 1 3 4 4 3 6
Bude 19 5 12 1 2 3 1 0
China Fleet 9 0 0 0 6 1 2 0
Culdrose 9 0 0 5 2 1 1 0
Falmouth 46 5 21 9 4 5 0 7
Helston 15 2 2 1 4 4 1 3
Launceston 8 0 1 4 2 0 1 0
Newquay 14 0 0 5 3 2 0 4
Penzance 35 4 11 3 9 9 2 1
St Mawgan 16 1 1 3 5 4 1 2
St Mellion 9 0 1 1 1 2 3 1
Torpoint 16 0 2 5 1 3 3 2
Truro 67 4 21 17 10 11 6 2
Totals 284 21 74 57 53 49 24 28
(04-05) 270 24 75 47 57 43 25 23
(03-04) 289 21 69 51 61 47 31 28
(02-03) 311 30 84 46 73 43 35 29
(01-02) 352 51 83 60 93 48 35 22

I have mentioned various statistics which I can extract from the Database like the figures above and some (too much) data to aid our selection of the leagues most deserving player.   Anthony Jenkins and Jacob Davey played the most matches – 38   Harry Barnes played the most league matches – 19, winning 16 of them. He actually played in all three divisions.   Anthony Jenkins played the most Junior Grand Prix games – winning 21 out of 28!   There were five players who won all their JGP matches, the leaders being Nick Matthews (10/10) and Joel Brickell (9/9)   Will Tyas had the best ‘games difference’ of 68, (Games Won – Games Lost) while Gareth Critchley was at the other end of the scale with a ‘games difference’ of -42. (An interesting second place in this category was Bob Woods with -32)   Will Tyas was the clear winner in the overall ‘points difference’ tables with 429, while Gareth Critchley again brought up the rear with -270 having won only two of his 18 league games.   Jon Newton played the most Challenge matches, eleven, but winning only two of them.   Will Tyas won the most challenge matches, six out of eight and Treve Hosken won the most challenges with 100% success (5/5)

Thirty players did not lose a league match:
Clear leaders were Will Tyas with 15 and Rob Page with 13     The next closest were Phil Clark and Treve Hosken with 8 league matches.

John Smith (St Mawgan) played the most league matches without a win – 10, closely followed by Phil Spry of Launceston with 9.   James Aird (Truro) the poorest overall points per game records of 1.83, which was eleven points in two matches.   In the Inter-Club Knockout there were three players who won all their three matches, Chris Davey, Rob Page and Will Tyas.   Mike Mayo (St Mellion) made the biggest ranking gain over the season (-812 points) while Will Tyas (Truro) made the best gain when expressed as a percentage (-87%)   Alistar Gell (Falmouth) made the biggest ranking loss over the season (41.5 points) – only played once. While John Glidden (Launceston) made the greatest loss when expressed as a percentage (-34%), he played two challenges and one league match!   The biggest gain (and loss) in any one match was Mike Mayo of St Mellion (-342points) who beat Alan Riggs of St Mawgan (+68) by three games to nil in a league match.   You may talk a good game and bend the statistics but you can’t argue with hard facts!

Neil observed it is very difficult drafting in players from a lower league team when they know they will get hammered. This often happens when a teams No.1 is unavailable and the match is too important.   Playing up and down was discussed and Grahams point made during discussion.   There followed a proposed rule change that “Players will be allowed to play up a maximum of three times only”- proposed by Dave, seconded by Mark. Vote carried by majority- (Graham voted against)   On the question of postponements Adrian proposed “No postponements” Dave seconded and the vote was again carried, with Graham voting against

5. Treasurers Report

Mike reported that, “you recall we received sponsorship last year of £4,750 from ” Awards for All” [the association also put in an additional £250] & this money is now nearly all gone, we only had £1,800 left for this year & we have a small balance for future use. It was used for coaching courses & equipment for juniors etc.   The Association continues to be in a sound financial position, & we show a net worth of £7,643.20, however, this is due to be reduced by around £1,500 when England Squash bill us for some recent coaching courses, this is recorded under current liabilities accounts payable, & will reduce our net worth to just over £6,000. This is more than adequate, in my opinion, to cover any contingencies that may arise & provide us with a substantial reserve to cover expenditure.   Looking at the profit & loss account, although we show a loss for the year of £650 this is misleading as we have continued to spend the Sports Partnership money, if you back this out the association on its day to day activities, made a net profit of around £850.   The income we receive from affiliations, both team & individual, along with the profit we make on tournaments covers the running of the leagues & county teams. The variance on team expenditure from year to year is due to the number of matches played & whether they are home or away.   We are still awaiting sponsorship money from Whirlwind sports of £500 which is outstanding, we are in ongoing negotiations to resolve this, otherwise we will lose £500 from the net worth.   The committee have agreed to leave registration fees unchanged, again, for the forthcoming season, and I offer these accounts to you for approval after any questions that may arise.   Neil proposed acceptance of the Accounts, Dave seconded and they were duly accepted.

Terry thanked Mike for his diligence with our accounts.   Terry was actioned to write to Whirlwind Sports, thanking them for their past sponsorship.   The Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss are in the appendix at the end of the minutes

6. Junior Squash

Dave said he thought it had been a disappointing year for junior squash because we had not entered any County teams at any age level.   On a happier note he reported there had been seven Junior Grand Prixs, with 43 juniors taking part at a recent tournament at Truro.   He thanked Mark Newton, Ian Hatch for their support and Eve Methven especially for driving down so many juniors from Bude.   Mark mentioned Joel Brickell had actually won the U11 Junior England Squash competition.   Eve observed our juniors need even more competition.   Dave was thanked for his report.

7. Election of Officers

It was proposed that Mike Phillips is added to the committee as “County Junior Coach” with the goal of re-generating our county junior teams.   This was seconded by Dave and voted in unanimously.   The rest of the Committee were voted back unanimously en bloc.

At this point Terry Deacon from Torpoint volunteered his clubs courts for any tournaments-free of charge.

8. League Structure

Russ observed he preferred 3 divisions of 9 teams each this coming season.   Graham floated the idea that it might be possible to play through twice- he thought the teams didn’t play enough times through-out the season.   Russ was thanked by everyone for the huge amount of work he puts into the league and website through the year.

9. Any Other Business

“Pathway For Squash in a nominated area of Cornwall”- Mike Phillips presented his thoughts on achieving the development of junior squads representing the county. This was in the form of a flow-chart starting from mini-squash in primary schools on to Saturday junior coaching sessions at local sports centres to Junior Grand Prixs, Junior County Squads (Academies) and on. See Appendix 3.   Terry thanked Mike for his efforts.   Ladies Squash- It was noted that a ladies team from Truro had played a team from Penzance. This was a first for some time and Terry said friendlies like this must be encouraged.   Mileage Allowance- Neil raised a point that the allowance at 10p per mile had not been increased for some time. Mike said he would raise it to 15p per mile.

10. Close

Terry brought the meeting to a close and thanked everyone for coming and their contributions to the meeting.

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