AGM 2007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Cornwall Squash

HELD at Victoria Inn, Roche on Friday 8th June 2007



Terry Beckett Chairman
Russ Jameson League Secretary
Brian Nash Secretary
Dave Smith Junior Representative

Apologies from: Mike Robinson – Treasurer Terry Deacon – The Garden Sports and Leisure Members Mark Newton –Falmouth Gerry Thomas –Helston Matt Waterton –Newquay Adrian Noot –Squash Development Officer Neil Counter, Elliott Moore, Geoff Barnes, Tim May – Truro Mike Phillips –Penzance

1. Welcome

Terry got the meeting underway and welcomed and thanked everyone for coming.

2. Acceptance of Last Years Minutes

3. Treasurers Report

Written & prepared by Mike Robinson and presented to the AGM by Brian Nash: You will all be pleased to know that Cornwall Squash continues to be in a sound financial position. With this state of affairs I would propose to the association that all registration fees remain unchanged for the following season.   The Balance Sheet shows a small operating profit through the year of £383.70, leaving us with a cash balance of £6,026.90 – we have no outstanding creditors or debtors to the best of my knowledge.   Just briefly going through the Profit & Loss account to see how the profit of £383.70 came about I have the following observations and comments, going through the accounts in chronological order:-

  1. Club & individual registrations are similar, the club no longer receives any sponsorship [Do any members have any suggestions of someone willing to sponsor the Cornwall Squash?]. The increase in miscellaneous fees reflects the England Squash rebate & coaching fees received from members on courses or seminars where they make a contribution towards their cost.
  2. Both junior, especially, and senior tournaments more than cover their costs & special credit here should go to Dave [Smith] & Mark [Newton] along with many others who give up weekends to organise these events to the enjoyment of participants & to the financial benefit of the association.
  3. Administration fees are up for the association mainly reflecting new stationery printing for our new name [CCSRA changed to Cornwall Squash] along with the increased cost for cups, medals, & plagues etc.
  4. The men’s county teams continue to be the association’s biggest item of expenditure & I would anticipate this could increase further for the upcoming season as hopefully we will have some junior representatives again with the work Mike [Phillips] has been doing with our “elite” juniors.
  5. The £5,000 we received from the Sports Partnership [thanks to Terry] has been used up over the past 3 years & now costs for development & training will be down to the association. The £5,000 was mainly spent on increasing the number of qualified coaches, coaching for juniors, & equipment which was mainly mini-squash.

On the small matter of housekeeping could anyone submitting expenses make sure they have an invoice to back-up expenses claims, as a receipt for payment is more than is required. The association contributes 15p per mile for car traveling expenses and therefore petrol receipts are not required. As mentioned at the beginning of the report, the committee have agreed to leave registration fees unchanged, again, for the forthcoming season, and I offer these accounts to you for approval after any questions that may arise. Hopefully Brian will be able to answer any questions, however, if this is not possible I will be able to reply to the association via email with any queries he is unable to answer. My apologies for being unable to attend the meeting & my thanks to Brian for presenting this report & the accounts to the association on my behalf.

The Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss are in the appendix at the end of the minutes.

4. League Secretary’s Report

League   Losing another two teams from last years line up meant that we were down to just 24 teams, which is a nice number to have three equal sized Divisions. Not that simple though, I needed to demote another team out of Division 1 and both the teams who gained promotion from Div 2 last year still wanted to go up. Luckily with Penzance loading their first team with their top players, I was asked if the second team could go down, embarrassingly this was my team but I hope it worked out well in the end.   This year the League Secretaries dream of all matches being played, was thwarted by Newquay who conceded two matches against Bude 1 and Falmouth 1 (round 8 and 14). Saying that, only two walkovers from the 168 league fixtures still makes a low percentage of games not played.   Not surprisingly Newquay 1 topped the penalty points table with 16 points.   Apart from those two walkovers there was only one occasion when a team couldn’t find four players to field a team, this was in round 1 when Falmouth took three players to play Bodmin 1.   The other main problem from last year was the postponements, a change in the wording of the rules at last years AGM may have helped but this year we had only eight postponed fixtures, two can be discounted as one was eventually a ‘walkover’ and another was actually brought forward. Of the remaining six I know that at least two were because their number ones weren’t available and they wanted the league points… My advice is not to rearrange when the opposing team asks, it’s not worth the effort, this is a league and it is about performance over the season, not just when we can get our best teams out. The rules allow postponements due to circumstances such as adverse weather conditions only… DIVISION 1   Truro 1 quickly went to the top of the table and maintained pole position all season by not losing a fixture. Penzance came a comfortable second place by losing twice to Truro and a couple of surprising defeats by China Fleet and Newquay.   Both the teams which got promoted into Division 1 from last season, struggled to survive, in-spite of dragging some good players out of retirement Truro 2 only managed to win four fixtures while Bude 1 only ‘won’ a walkover against Newquay. They will be relegated down to Div 2.   From a very lean start, Bodmin also dragged in some ‘retired’ players, which helped them, finish the season safely mid table with 114 league points alongside Falmouth and China Fleet.   Newquay who had been in the running for second place had a rapid descent in the second half of the season with the loss of their number one to finish in sixth place.   Truro 1, have now won the Division 1 title, the Boardwalk Cup, for two consecutive seasons. Last year was just by one league point but this year they enhanced their position with a margin of 24 points!   DIVISION 2   Newquay 2 occupied the top slot all season, but right at the end of the season Helston sneaked in and won the division with 173 points, one point ahead of Newquay 2! (Oh, that late card!), both teams gain promotion to Division 1.   Torpoint secured third place with some more youthful players giving life to the old team. Penzance 2, Culdrose 1 and Helston 2 had a good year and finished safely mid table.   While Bodmin 2 and Falmouth 2 never got off the bottom of the table and are relegated, Falmouth 2 only managed to win one string at the most in each of their fixtures!   DIVISION 3   For the third year running, Truro fielded three teams in this division, which tested their resources, though they had less traveling to do than anyone else! Truro 4 decided to do something about it and went through the season by only dropping one match to RAF St Mawgan. The service side always looked like they would come second but they had their usual run of inopportune postings and Truro 3 made a second half push to earn second place to gain promotion with their contemporaries. Now Truro will have three teams in Division 2!   Penzance 3 and Torpoint 2 two were safely in the ‘middle band’ and not troubled, though newcomers to the league Torpoint, held on to their number one, Stuart Cox, for as long as possible before he got tied to their first team.   Bodmin 3 were still hanging on and improved on last years record by having an average age of over 61 on one league match.   Falmouth 3 had the benefit of being able to play old high-ranking players in this division though it wasn’t really helping their situation in the league. In reply to the above record they fielded a team with a total age of 63 who recorded a 14-5 win against Truro 5!   Truro 5 was the strongest team in the table, they only won two matches and seemed to field a different team every week – they had sixteen registered players! Rankings   The rankings have been religiously produced every month, the rankings are only printed and mailed to Clubs during the season but all the monthly listings appear on the website.

There were 1559 results entered into the ranking system of these there were:
35 Challenge matches     672 League matches (168 team fixtures)     456 Junior Grand Prix Results     70 Inter-Club KO results     The remainder were County and Club Tournaments.

Chris Davey (Penzance) has occupied the number one spot for all of the season; Andy Keeling (Newquay) came very close to knocking Chris off the top but has only played once after a skiing accident in January and has slid downwards. Andy has now left the county so won’t be around nest season. Knockout   Eleven teams from each of the ‘League Clubs’ played in the first round in December, the winners of the first round competing in the ‘Pawle Cup’ Competition while the losers contested the ‘Hine Plate’.   It was a good competition this year, all the matches were played – no walkovers! There were only two rearrangements but they were still within the planned weeks so were not a problem and kept the league secretary happy!   The Finals day was generously hosted by new Newquay Sports and Recreation Centre, Both the finals were fairly one-sided, the victors both going through by five strings to nil. Torpoint happy to get their name on the Hine Plate for the sixth time, while Penzance get their name on the Pawle Cup for the second time.   MENS ‘PAWLE CUP’ FINAL   Penzance made their way to the final by beating Helston (5-0) and Truro (3-2) while Falmouth came from the other half of the draw by having a close encounter with Culdrose (3-2) and then beating Newquay (4-1).   The match was very one sided with Penzance having easy victories although Chris Renowden and Gareth Hudson managed to get a game off Peter Eddy and Mike Phillips respectively.   Penzance regained the title from last year’s winners, Falmouth.   MENS ‘HINE PLATE’ FINAL   Culdrose reached the final by losing to Falmouth (2-3) and then beating St Mawgan by three games to two. In the lower half of the draw Torpoint lost to Truro (0-5), were pleased with a 3-2 win over Bude and delighted when they beat Helston by three games to two!   The Hine Plate was won comfortably by the ‘Giant Killers’, Torpoint, who beat Culdrose by five games to nil. Press   I continued faxing the league tables to eight Newspaper Groups every week, achieving regular spots in some of them.   I have emailed reports for all the County Championships, the Strivers Tournament and the Knock-Out finals achieving good coverage and included pictures. Website   The Website continues to grow; it currently has 433 pages of html and occupies nearly 68Mb of space!   I have not found time to do much to the site other than the general upkeep and managing of the website which is quite a task on its own. Email lists   I regularly send out an email ‘circular’ of any current information and the latest league tables to 346 ‘subscribers’. Database Statistics  There are 260 current registered players for which I will have up to date information on all of them. Of these 260 there are 20 Female and 70 Junior players.   Breakdown by Club:

Total Female U19 19-34 35-44 45-49 50-54 >54
Bodmin 20 0 1 4 4 2 4 5
Bude 17 4 10 1 3 3 0 0
China Fleet 10 0 0 1 5 1 3 0
Culdrose 11 0 0 6 2 1 1 1
Falmouth 41 4 19 7 4 3 2 6
Helston 14 2 2 1 3 2 2 4
Newquay 22 1 8 6 2 3 0 3
Penzance 36 2 13 1 10 8 2 2
St Mawgan 10 1 0 0 4 4 0 2
Torpoint 19 0 3 3 3 3 4 3
Truro 60 6 14 17 12 8 7 2
Totals 260 20 70 47 52 38 25 28
(05-06) 284 21 74 57 53 49 24 28
(04-05) 270 24 75 47 57 43 25 23
(03-04) 289 21 69 51 61 47 31 28
(02-03) 311 30 84 46 73 43 35 29
(01-02) 352 51 83 60 93 48 35 22

Player Statistics League  Stewart Cox (TOR) played the most league matches – 18, winning 14 of them, close second was Matt Waterton (NEW) who won 15 out of 17. Twenty players did not lose a league match:

Truro had the top three ‘most successful’ league players who won all their league games:
Geoff Barnes won all 12 and gained -2.75 points (-1%)     Julian Jenkins won all 11 and gained -67.4 points (-24.79%)     Olly Foot won all 9 league matches without dropping a game! Gaining -340 points (-84.7%) over 18 matches altogether.

Mark Newton and Mike Clynick both played for all three Falmouth teams, in all three divisions and also in the Knockout competition!   Nigel Paull (HEL) had the best ‘games difference’ of 34, (Games Won – Games Lost) while Graeme Pearce (FAL) was at the other end of the scale with a ‘games difference’ of -29.   Nigel Paull was also the winner in the overall ‘points difference’ tables with 200 with Matt Waterton close on his heels with 192. Mike Robinson brought up the rear with -181 having won only three of his 15 league games.   Graeme Pearce (FAL) played the most league matches without a win, losing all twelve of his matches, these were the only matches Graeme played and he fell by 12.5 points (5.79%) in the rankings.   Second came Tony Saxton (BDE) who lost all nine of his league games, overall he played fourteen matches and won only two which were in the Strivers Tournament. Unfortunately he didn’t gain any ranking points from them but still managed to improve his ranking over the whole season by -7.8 points (-6.25%)   The best ‘points per game’ record goes to Keith Abbott (TRU) with 9.17 but he only played in two league matches. Julian Jenkins (TRU) scored 8.97 over 11 matches and Andy Keeling (NEW) scoring 8.67 over 7 matches.   The worst ‘points per game’ goes to two players who only played one match, they both lost 27-0! Stephane Carrera (PEN) and Neil Thomas (TOR) Junior Grand Prix   Katrina Thomas (HEL) played the most Junior Grand Prix games – winning 14 out of 32! Closely followed by her brother, Christian who won 14 out of 31.   There were four players who won all their JGP matches, Sam Stevens (PEN), Jack Newman and Joel Brickell (FAL) who all won 5/5. Anthony Jenkins (TRU) won 4/4.   Paddy Hall (FAL) won the most games with 19 out of 26 played, Natalia Page (BDE) was close behind having won 18 out of 22 played. Natalia had the best ‘Games Difference’ of 14 and should be crowned the most successful JGP player of the season. Knockout   In the Inter-Club Knockout there were three players who won all their three matches, Chris Davey (PEN), Ian Hatch (PEN) and Olly Foot (TRU). Challenge Matches   There were 35 challenge matches played over the year.   Ian Hatch (PEN) played the most Challenge matches – eight, but winning only three of them, because of the quantity, he also takes the award for losing the most challenges (five)   Simon Townsend (BOD) won the most challenges with 100% success (3/3) and gained about -46 ranking points for his efforts. Rankings   In-spite of Ian Hatch’s attempts to hog the statistics, the two most active players overall were: Jack Ramsey (PEN) played the most matches – 38: 29 in the Grand Prix and 8 in Club Championships. Chris Lawrance (TRU) played 37: 5 League, 18 Grand Prix, 3 Strivers, 2 Snr Champs, 6 Junior Champs, 2 Club Champs and 1 Club League!   Both these players are juniors and are worth looking out for in the future, Chris in particular entered all the senior competitions that he could and has also started to play team squash. They both made significant progress up the rankings:   Jack -261.29 points (-25%) and Chris -196.77 points (-27%)   Junior, Luke Peters-Deacon (TOR) made the biggest ranking gain over the season, -560 points (-61%), rising to position 149 by just playing senior squash, while Olly Foot (TRU) made the best gain when expressed as a percentage (-85%), he rose 340 points to position 26. – However, he does play for Devon!   Charles Hall (PEN) made the biggest ranking loss over the season (160 points) – I can sympathise as he is now playing with his other hand. Next in the frame would be Ed Waugh (CHI) who fell 29.1 points (35%)   The biggest ranking gain in any one match was Kurt Sigrist of Truro (-201 points) who beat fellow club player Simon Clitherow (+60.3) by three games to nil in an internal Club league match.   The largest fall in any one match was Charles Hall who lost 0-3 to Dave Hare (NEW) in the Over 55 Championships and gained 88.5 ranking points.

I never quite know whether it is an honour or an embarrassment to be mentioned here, but well done to you all good sports. The rest of you will never know just how close you were to being mentioned in despatches!

5. Junior Squash

6. Coaching

7. Cornwall Representation Team Reports

8. Chairmans Report

9. Election of Officers

The rest of the Committee were voted back unanimously en bloc.

10. Trophy Presentations

Russ handed the trophies to Matt Baker who presented them to the league winning teams and individuals..   Present Wall plaques for the Inter-Club Knockout Competition: Pawle Cup was presented to Mike Phillips representing PENZANCE who beat Penzance by 5 ties to 0. This is the second time that they have won the Cup, the last time was in 2004/05. Hine Plate Torpoint – Beat Culdrose by 5 ties to 0. This is the sixth time that the ‘Giant Killers’ have won the Plate.   Cups and trophies to the following League teams:-

Winners Runners up
Division 1 Truro 1 Penzance 1
Division 2 Helston 1 Newquay 2
Division 3 Truro 4 Truro 3

League Cup: This is the thirteenth time that Truro have been league champions.   For the second year running, they retain the league title and the Boardwalk Cup, but this time by an impressive margin of 24 points. Gimson Cup   As usual, it is tough to find a winner, there were many people to consider, a brief look through the rankings found lots of candidates with many games to their credit last season.   One person featured in a couple of the categories, they had the best ‘games difference’ of 34, (Games Won – Games Lost) and was also the winner in the overall ‘points difference’ tables with 200.   This is quite an achievement when all of their games were played in Division 1, overall he made a slight improvement in his ranking, -7.49 points, an improvement of 11.25% We award the Gimson Cup to Nigel Paull of Helston.

11. League Structure

Russ produced a listing with 3 divisions of 8 teams each for the coming season based on the relegation and promotion laid down in the current rules. Elliott Moore asked if it would be possible for Truro to keep two teams in Division One as they have a wealth of talent at the moment.   Russ said that with the all that talent, they should have avoided relegation during the season. There would be an outside chance of accommodating their request should other teams withdraw or one of the promoted teams wish to stay in Div 2 (Very unlikely)

12. Sponsorship

13. Conclusion

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