AGM 2022

Minutes of 2022 AGM

AGM 2022 19/7 Hendra Hall 7pm

Tony welcomed everyone at 7:10pm, meeting opened.

Attendance: Tony Bowyer, Matt Harford, Neil Counter, Jamie Lang, Gary Walton (all committee); Huw Gibbon (Fal), Jon Wills (Tr), Nigel Bell (PZ).

Apologies: Bob Woods (committee); Matt Waterton (NQY), Adrian Cruse & Ian Hatch (PZ).


Acceptance of previous year’s minutes: Tony went through main points/discussed/agreed unanimously.

Chairman’s Report: Tony reiterated standing down and accepted; he explained that he wanted to leave CCSRA in a stable position after the pandemic so delayed leaving even if now not living in Truro full-time; he thanked everyone for a cracking season to get us back on track; he reminded everyone of the dire state of CCSRA in 2012 when he joined the committee – losing players plus crts quickly, shambolic organisation of leagues and a website as bad as its gets, funds diminishing to a projected £0 in a few years. This motivated Tony to take it on with aim to stabilise then reverse trend. This year TS became Nat Champs U19, O45s came RU in National ICC and O55s came 4th – amazing and unprecedented achievements for a small county! He pointed out the healthy financial situation CCSRA is in – all boding well for the future. Tony also pointed out the lows: NQY uncertainty, Bodmin’s cont. precarious position and the biggest danger of all, APATHY! £750 of covid relief fund spent – Truro, Fal and PZ – but nothing from Bude SC and Bodmin and NQY not applicable as yet. He thanked all concerned for their support and promised to support CCSRA for a further year. All agreed/report accepted unanimously

Safeguarding Report: Bob thanked everyone for following the important protocols in place for our clubs and reported no incidents or alerts. All agreed/report accepted unanimously

Finance Report: Gary produced detailed accounts dividing our CCSRA General money from CCSRA Development Fund. There is £5,506.47 total between the two. All agreed/report accepted unanimously

Development Report: Matt discussed at length the key areas of progress and outlined ongoing projects. The original bid has been affected by the pandemic, he explained. Main pts:

  1. Newquay Nanscleddra Crts Project – conceptual stage
  2. Bodmin court refurbishment: boards and paint ready, awaiting action form Better. £250 cv fund still available. Mike (Bodmin) added that the players are still looking for an alternative venue – Lostwithiel possibly? He also mentioned possibilities at Fowey School – Matt to look into coaches. Tom Newberry? Ongoing
  3. Ladies’ Nights: huge success at TSLC so trying to extend to Falmouth as well. Ongoing.
  4. Jamie’s trying to L3 coaching standard continues to be a great factor in Truro’s bounce back from cv. ES Squash Stars scheme going very well but question mark about Falmouth Club. Ongoing

All agreed/report accepted unanimously

County Overview: can be summed up by – 3 clubs, Truro, Fal and PZ healthy; Bude stable, concerns as above about Bodmin and desperate times to relocate NQY players following last year’s closure of the crts.

County Teams:

  1. Juniors – Jamie to talk to Alan, possibility of two teams, U15 and U19.
  2. Seniors – Jared/Neil
  3. O35 – Matt to look into possibility
  4. O45 – Matt to manage and Captain
  5. O55 – Neil and Tim

Matt and Jamie to get back to Neil who will enter our sides again. TBC

All agreed/report accepted unanimously

Election of Officers: Chair – Matt Harford, Treasurer – Gary Walton, League Secretary – Neil Counter, County Coach & Development – Jamie Lang, Safeguarding – Bob Woods. Tony stood down but will support during the year coming – website, calendar reminders, 2nd name on account as too hard to change. Also, to support Neil with league structure, fixtures and LM.


  1. Leagues: teams to be decided by mid-August, confirmed with Neil.
  2. Playing up – Adrian asked if we could change rule to 4 times. Discussed but because we are hoping to have 3 divisions again it would mean fewer matches so decided to leave to 3 times each half. Can be looked at again if just 2 divisions and 12 matches per half?
  3. No income for two years so Tony proposed we returned to team registration fees. Discussed and agreed to set at £50 September and £25 January. The latter would replace ‘player reg’ – easier to administer. Gary suggested we just get captains to collect and then use our NatWest BACS. All agreed/accepted unanimously.
  4. MEALS: most teams are offering hospitality after matches now. The principle of providing a meal will return this season coming – agreed unanimously – but clubs experiencing difficulties could opt out provided they communicated this. PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO PAY FOR AWAY MEALS IN CASE RECIPROCATED HOSPITALITY IS NOT POSSIBLE. Tony stressed that captains must communicate to make these decisions before each match.
  5. PAR 15 for Div1 and PAR 11 for Div2 – this to continue as successful last season.
  6. Nigel to ask for a PZ member to join the committee. TBC
  7. Tony to do a season planner and post on website. This is to ensure our tournaments and events are maintained.
  8. Jon offered to support tournaments at Truro, example county champs and marking.

Tony declared the meeting officially closed at 9:10pm.

All retired to TSLC for refreshment and a pasty supper.




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