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  1. Wendy Birkbeck says:

    Hi, I would really like to learn how to play squash in the New Year. I’m a complete beginner and live near Bodmin. Is there a beginners group anywhere or someone of beginner level who fancies a regular game?
    Many thanks!
    From Wendy

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Wendy, let us know if the emails we sent to you did the trick? We always try our best to get more people playing. It’s a great sport!

  2. Zara Thomas says:

    Hello Cornwall Squash

    I am looking to find either local coaches in the the area of Truro, St Austell or Newquay for myself, looking to return to the game of squash 15 years later.

    And for my daughter to begin the game of squash, she is currently 4 years of age.

    Please advise,

    Many Thanks
    Zara Thomas

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Zara!

      Very sorry it’s taken so long to reply but I’ve been away all summer.

      It’s Tony Bowyer (your old – very old now – teacher if your maiden name was Annear!!!) here and very glad to hear you fancy a game of squash. There are some ladies playing at Truro S&RC and sometimes during the day. To get restarted there are a number of ways you could try. There are Friday eveninsg at our ‘Club Night’ when any member can come down for a game or two and get to know other people to play. It’s been a bit quiet over the summer as usual but I expect some people to get back into it in September when the weather turns. Failing that I am starting a ladies’ session on Tuesdays during Juniors for an hour or so from about 4pm. That way the mums can be active whilst the kids have a lesson. Racketball is popular too nowadays but it can be either. Failing that, I am one of four coaches at the club who can offer tuition. I can book a court almost any time to suit new members to give them a game and introduce them to the club. It’s really a case of getting through the door and meeting others and then it snowballs! You can even become an adult member at Truro for just £35 for three months as a starting offer! Re your 4 year old I think it might be a bit old for juniors but you could always start them yourself? We also have some ladies courses in the county – Squash 101 – which has been successful but we don’t know yet if they will continue – depends on funding!

      Re St Austell and Newquay: they are Recreation Centres so it would be best to contact them and ask.

      Squash and Racketball are great sports to get into especially over the winter.

      Just email me back if you are keen.

      KR Tony
      Chair of Cornwall Squash & Racketball

  3. martin chapman says:

    Hello Cornwall Squash –

    I live in Newquay and have recently started to play squash again, used to play quite a bit in my youth but have had a gap of around 10 years with games in between every now and then.

    Can anyone recommend a club/group that meets to play squash on a weekly basis in or around the Newquay area. I would be grateful of your assistance.

    Kind Regards


    • tbowyer says:

      Lucky you Martin! Newquay Centre has quite a thriving squash scene with leagues and teams. They run their own champs too! If you ask at the centre and put your name down then I’m sure you’ll get good games. The standard ranges from relative beginners right up to county standard. Cheers, Tony Bowyer CCS&RA

  4. Paul Sessions says:

    I’ve just moved Blisland from Hampshire and keen to continue playing squash and racketball – do you know of any local leagues or groups ?
    Kind regards

    • tbowyer says:

      Wadebridge, Bodmin and St Austell best bets – drop by and get some phone numbers. If you’re team standard then let me know because Bodmin have a good side and are looking for squad or regulars. Tony

  5. Scott Thomas says:

    Hi, I used to play squash regularly but have not for a few years. I would like to get back into it (I’m back to being a novice again!) and would like to join a club if possible. I live in Redruth but can travel a little way to play.

    Do you have any recommendations, please?

    Many thanks,


    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Scott, good to hear you fancy getting back into squash. In Redruth there is the Carn Brea Leisure Centre where you can pay and play. Just ring up and book. If you are looking for a better squash venue with internal leagues, a chance to play more seriously or meet other squashers (and a social scene) then I recommend Truro Squash & Racketball Club but it’s a few miles away. They have £35 for 3 months trial membership. It’s my club too so if interested just let me know. Going the other way there is Penzance at the Pirates Rugby Ground – a much smaller club with about 20 active members. Truro also has two good courts at Truro School where you can pay and play. If you need any more help or fancy a try out at Truro S&RC then just let me know. Kind regards, Tony Bowyer

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