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TEAM REGISTRATION: £75 per team entered into the leagues – £50 is payable before the end of September 2023, and £25 in January 2024 for the second half. Send all team and player registrations to:

Gary Walton c/o Truro Squash & Racketball Club, St George’s Rd, Truro, TR1 3JD    garymwalton@yahoo.co.uk

Contact Gary for bank transfer details.

Also, see club pages for most details and updates


5 Responses to League Information

  1. Tony Bowyer says:

    Please could all team captains register their interest in the leagues this year.

    Please post each team’s name of captain, home nights and all relevant contact details – email, mob no. including vice-captain’s contact details.

    Simply post them on your club’s page. MANY THANKS!

  2. Elliott says:

    Re: Team Squash
    I know I may be too late to voice an opinion but I could not make the AGM. I note the intention to play each team 3x. Would it not be easier, if teams are committed to playing, to play each other 4x so as to avoid the hassle of trying to arrange who hosts the 3rd match ie home or away! Would it really matter if that made the season a bit longer than usual?
    Just a thought!

    • tbowyer says:

      Elliot, having done the fixtures I think 16 league games and up to 3 cup matches makes quite a good season compared to previous year. 3 times
      can be worked out but I suggest I decide on host of third game taking
      into consideration distance mostly. PZ and China Fleet are the trickiest here as they travel more than the central teams. I suggest 3/6 final 3rd of season matches are at home for each team. Further to my point, playing 24 matches will make it hard to fit in club champs, county closed, rearranged fixtures remembering the weather these last two winters. Hope you agree with me?

  3. David Fairclough says:

    Hi Tony,
    Can I ask why Bude are still in league 2? Do they not get automatic Promotion?
    Has someone from The club suggested this?



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