Pawle Cup and Hine Plate


Pawle Cup won by league winners Truro S&LC 3-2 v Newquay Squash. It went down to the wire and the #1s which predictably Jared won 3-0 v Matt. Elliot beat Matt 3-1; Rory lost to Phil 3-2; Joel lost to Darren 3-1; Neil beat Gav 3-2 and 12-10 in the 5th!!
Hine Plate won by BUDE SC 3-2 against the Pirates. It too had the crowd on the edge of their seats as it swung one way then another. At 2-2 it was down to the #1s again but this time Chris just edged out Hatchy!

Chris Hemmerle beat Ian Hatch 3-2

Ali Mason lost to Neythan Heyes 0-3
Robin Criag lost to Wayne Quinn 2-3
Rob Irish beat Tim Hayden 3-2
Tony Saxton beat Phil Ruffel 3-0

A great climax to the season with two hard fought cup matches that could have gone either way. The social was equally enjoyed with food and more liquid refreshment down at Jonny’s pub in the Town. Aparently, all the reviews on Tripadviser gave 5 stars!!



Super Saturday 2019

Falmouth, Newquay, Bodmin & Bude

‘SUPER DUPER SATURDAY’ was played at the Falmouth Club on May 11th. This superbly organised event saw Newquay triumph over Falmouth (5-0) in the Pawle Cup and Bodmin Dragons doing the same against Bude in the Hine Plate (3-2). This is the first time in over ten years that Truro S&RC has not featured in the finals – beaten 3-2 in the semi by the all-conquering Newquay Seasiders. The event doubled as an end-of-season social bash with camping  on the lawn and a good evening of letting the hair down! Huw acted as the m/c for the hosts and a very fine job of it he did! Thanks from CCSRA!

Results in detail:

#5 Dave Priem v Alex Head 3-0 (15-4, 15-10, 15-8); Mark Howarth v Huw Gibbon 3-0 (15-11, 15-13, 15-3); Matt Harford v Matt Tablyn 3-1 (15-8, 15-9, 11-15, 15-13); Jamie Lang v Jonny Newton 3-0 (15-11, 15-11, 15-13); Phil Thomas v Martin Thompson 3-0 (15-7, 15-7, 15-11). Newquay win the Pawle Cup 2019…..

#5 Matt Greenwood v Tony Saxton 1-3 (14-16, 13-15, 15-13, 8-15); Mike Batte v Chris Hemmerle 2-3 (11-15, 16-14, 9-15, 15-13, 11-15); Rhys Parry v Rob Irish 3-0 (15-7, 15-12, 15-12); Max Knightley v Finn Irish 3-0 (15-10, 15-5, 15-13); Chris Adrian v Tremaine Fry 3-0 (15-2, 15-5, 15-7). Bodmin Slayers win the Hine Plate 2019……


This is our INTER-CLUB KNOCK-OUT COMPETITION played in the final month of the season, always April or early May, with our season’s climax known as SUPER SATURDAY usually played early/mid May and usually at Truro SRC which has 3 crts. The 2019 Finals will be hosted at Falmouth for the first time, however. The DRAW is made in MARCH…..

2019 Pawle Cup & Hine Plate knock-out tournaments – SAME FORMAT AS LAST YEAR!

Hi All,                              SUPER SATURDAY IS 11TH MAY @ FALMOUTH 2PM

Following the success of last year (Winners Truro & Bodmin) here is the draw for our inter-club county knock outs. The ‘every game/point counts system’ worked really well for us with just 6 clubs and three ties. This made it more challenging and increased involvement. Every match and every player will need to do the maximum. A player who loses 3-0 may just become the hero on the night for getting those all-important qualifying points. Matches A,B,C are to be played in April with the two SEMIS before SUPER SATURDAY.FULL RESULTS – all points & games scores MUST BE SENT BY EMAIL TO ME AS  DETERMINE WHETHER YOU STAY IN OR GET KNOCKED OUT. This will allow all six clubs to play in the first round. I have seeded the clubs according to league positions 20th March.

Round 1 – matches to be played before Tuesday 30th April or thereabouts!

MATCH A. Pirates (6) v Truro (1)            captains: Gareth & Tim

MATCH B. Bude (5) v NQY (2)                 captains: Rob & either Matt, Dave or Martin?

MATCH C. Falmouth (4) v Bodmin (3)   captains: Huw or Matt?    

Teams of 5 – or 4 if both captains agree Rd 1 but 5 for the finals please


The HIGHEST SCORING LOSER from the three matches will proceed to the HINE PLATE FINAL (11TH MAY 2PM @ FALMOUTH); the two other losers will then play a SEMI-FINAL for the other place in the final. I will ‘toss a coin’ to work out who plays at home.

The same will happen for the PAWLE CUP: the top scoring team will proceed to the final and the two WINNING BUT LOWER SCORING CLUBS will play a semi-final by Friday 10th May.

I hope it all makes sense. By doing this every player is motivated to score as many points/win games as possible. It’s all based on merit even the seedings (league positions 20th March). The alternative of top two seeds with byes to semis and bottom four playing first round with two losers going into the Hine Final does have its obvious problems (better to lose than win!).

Rules: Teams to consist of 5 players but, if both captains agree, 4 players only for the earlier rounds is acceptable if availability is difficult. Clubs reaching the finals on SUPER SATURDAY 11/5 @ FAL should field 5 players from their squads to make it more of a spectacle.

Players must be registered and have played at least twice for your club. The draws are seeded – your seed is your league position as of 20th March.

Captains to contact each other about food: home teams to provide  a meal as usual as ‘away’ teams have to travel. Drinks, however, not included – buy your own or otherwise.

RESULTS EMAILED TO ME PLEASE! I will enter the head-to-head results on Squash Levels.

KR Tony

CCSRA Chairman

PS Max: pls return the Hine Plate to Truro asap.


Truro S&RC TRURO SRC Pawle Cup Winners 2017

Bude SC BUDE SC Hine Plate Winners 2017

Some achived articles and pics…..


Pawle Cup      Truro V Newquay 5-0 (15-4 in games though all matches very competitive)

Hine Plate      Bude V Bodmin 5-0 Walkover (Bodmin withdrew due to injuries)

TRURO Pawle Winners 2016    NQY Pawle RU 2016    The Gimson Cup Best League Player 2016

Victorious Truro!              Best Looking Team!         Gimson Cup Winner –                                                                                                           Player of the Year

Falmouth Hine Plate Winners 2014 Falmouth, Winners of the Hine Plate 2014 V Bodmin           Courtesy Pete Keam

Bude SC Hine Plate Winners 2012





2 Responses to Pawle Cup and Hine Plate

  1. David Fairclough says:

    I thought this was a knockout competition involving all clubs from the county. Was this changed?
    Quoting Russ’s old website:
    Inter-Club Knockout Competitions/Pawle Cup

    These tournaments are normally run during the second half of the league (after the Christmas break) and are open to all Clubs participating in the Cornwall Squash County Leagues.

    There is a Mens and a Ladies competition and providing the numbers of Clubs entered is great enough they will play a first round, the winners going on to compete for the Cup and the Losers competing for the Plate.

    Entries are restricted to one team per eligible Club, the team will consist of five strings (as opposed to four in the leagues) and each player must have represented their Club at least three times in the County Leagues before playing in this Competition.

    Has this changed?

    • Tony Bowyer says:

      Hi David, your comments are valid and I will, of course, change the draw – plenty of time – if you and Bodmin both fancy a crack at the big boys in div 1. I go back further than Russ even – cough! splutter! – and the original Pawle Cup Hine Plate rules were: Pawle for all Div 1 clubs, Hine for all clubs with first teams in lower divisions – in Div 2,3 etc. Russ obviously changed them and I think, now you’ve drawn attention to it, your idea is better. I will work out a new draw for all six clubs entered seeding Truro (1) and NQY (2) but putting PZ, Garden, you and BOD in first rd. Losers then battle it out for hine. Thanks,


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