Pawle Cup and Hine Plate

This is our INTER-CLUB KNOCK-OUT COMPETITION played in the final month of the season, always April, with our season’s climax known as SUPER SATURDAY usually played in the first week of May and usually at Truro SRC which has 3 crts. The DRAW is made in MARCH…..

Truro S&RC TRURO SRC Pawle Cup Winners 2017

Bude SC BUDE SC Hine Plate Winners 2017

Some achived articles and pics…..


Pawle Cup      Truro V Newquay 5-0 (15-4 in games though all matches very competitive)

Hine Plate      Bude V Bodmin 5-0 Walkover (Bodmin withdrew due to injuries)

TRURO Pawle Winners 2016    NQY Pawle RU 2016    The Gimson Cup Best League Player 2016

Victorious Truro!              Best Looking Team!         Gimson Cup Winner –                                                                                                           Player of the Year

Falmouth Hine Plate Winners 2014 Falmouth, Winners of the Hine Plate 2014 V Bodmin           Courtesy Pete Keam

Bude SC Hine Plate Winners 2012

The Full List of Results for this season is as follows:PAWLE CUP FINAL – ‘SUPER SATURDAY’ 28th APRIL 2012 2pm @ TRURO

Truro beat Newquay 5-0    Dale beat Rory 3-2, Neil beat Matt 3-1, Elliott beat Tim 3-0, Chris beat Glenn 3-2 & Mark beat Nick 3-1; Exhibition matches Newquay beat Truro 3-1 with wins for Harry (V Dave S 3-0), Jack (V Tony 3-2), Jarod (V Zefron 3-0); Steve beat Adam (WO). A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO DAVE PRIEM, WHO UNFORTUNATELY FOR NEWQUAY SQUASHWISE, BECAME A FATHER THE SAME AFTERNOON! WELL DONE DAVE!

HINE PLATE FINAL date as aboveBude Beat Bodmin 4-1Bodmin Dragons RU Hine Plate 2012


First Round – to be played by END of MARCH 


Match 1 The Garden H (seeded 4) V Bude (seeded 5)   – won by The Garden


Match 2 Bodmin  H (seeded 6) H V PZ (seeded 3)   – won by The Pirates


Semi-Finals – to be played by SUNDAY 15th APRIL


Semi-final 1 Winner Match 1 (H) V Truro (seeded 1)   Truro won and through to SuperSaturday


Semi-final 2 Winner Match 2 (H) V Newquay (seeded 2)   Newquay beat PZ 4-1 in rubbers


RULES: 5-players per team (unless both captains agree on 4 for a good reason – pts countback if need be), EACH PLAYER MUST HAVE PLAYED IN A LEAGUE MATCH AT LEAST TWICE (used to be 3) AND BE REGISTERED. Same game rules and scoring as for league matches.

 Tony Bowyer @ Truro HQ (TR1 Squash & Racketball!)

2 Responses to Pawle Cup and Hine Plate

  1. David Fairclough says:

    I thought this was a knockout competition involving all clubs from the county. Was this changed?
    Quoting Russ’s old website:
    Inter-Club Knockout Competitions/Pawle Cup

    These tournaments are normally run during the second half of the league (after the Christmas break) and are open to all Clubs participating in the Cornwall Squash County Leagues.

    There is a Mens and a Ladies competition and providing the numbers of Clubs entered is great enough they will play a first round, the winners going on to compete for the Cup and the Losers competing for the Plate.

    Entries are restricted to one team per eligible Club, the team will consist of five strings (as opposed to four in the leagues) and each player must have represented their Club at least three times in the County Leagues before playing in this Competition.

    Has this changed?

    • Tony Bowyer says:

      Hi David, your comments are valid and I will, of course, change the draw – plenty of time – if you and Bodmin both fancy a crack at the big boys in div 1. I go back further than Russ even – cough! splutter! – and the original Pawle Cup Hine Plate rules were: Pawle for all Div 1 clubs, Hine for all clubs with first teams in lower divisions – in Div 2,3 etc. Russ obviously changed them and I think, now you’ve drawn attention to it, your idea is better. I will work out a new draw for all six clubs entered seeding Truro (1) and NQY (2) but putting PZ, Garden, you and BOD in first rd. Losers then battle it out for hine. Thanks,


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