Pawle Cup & Hine Plate 2014

Pawle Cup and Hine Plate 2014                            Tony Bowyer –

Dear Club Captains,

Please see below the draw and dates for this year’s knock-out tournament. Please try as hard as possible to keep the deadlines. It is the responsibility of the HOME CAPTAIN to contact the visiting team to notify dates and times of matches. The WINNING CAPTAIN will need to notify me and then arrange the next match (just follow the draw).  TEAMS OF 5 PLAYERS (must have played for the club in the league at least twice but contact me for legality decision if there is a problem).

  • This year’s knock-out competition will revert to the original inter-club format giving 8 clubs in total.
  • Draw based on league positions as of 21st Feb 2014 with a tweak or two due to games played and results against each other (eg. The Valley beat Fal 1 but were 1 place below in table).
  • The 4 winning teams will play in the Pawle Cup semi-finals; the 4 losing teams will go through to play the Hine Plate semi-finals.

Q/F stage – all matches to played between 17th March and 7th April (deadline)

S/F stage – all matches to be played between 8th April and 25th April (deadline)

‘SUPER SATURDAY’ – FINALS PLAYED AT TRURO ON SATURDAY 26th APRIL starting 2pm sharp                                                                   

                          Q/F                                                                                    Pawle Cup Semi 1                                          

Match 1  Bodmin (8)  V  Truro (1)                                    Winner Match 1 (H) V Winner Match 2               

                                                                                                                Hine Plate Semi 1

Match 2  The Valley (4)  V  Bude (7)                                    Loser Match 2 (H) V Loser Match 1 

                            Q/F                                                                                  Pawle Cup Semi 2                                          

Match 3  Truro School (2)  V  PZ (6)                                   Winner Match 4 (H) V Winner Match 3               

                                                                                                                   Hine Plate Semi 2

Match 4  Falmouth (5)  V  Newquay  (3)                               Loser Match 3 (H) V Loser Match 4


Captains: Truro – Neil Counter    Truro School – Mark Bracey    Newquay – Dave Priem (Matt away)

The Valley – Jon Newton           Falmouth – Ben Macdonald         PZ – Gareth Critchley

Bude – Steve Truter     Bodmin – Graeme Crowder         



Good luck! Tony

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