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Want to learn to play, looking for a club or just looking for opponents? This page will hopefully give you the information you need.

Learn To Play
If you want to learn to play squash, the first thing you are going to need to find is a court! Take a look at the menu at the top of the screen to find your nearest Club or Sports Center. The contacts on the club pages should be able to assist you in finding a partner to play or a coach to teach you.
You can view the rules here.

The best way to improve is to play better players! Ask your local club when their club night is, or if there is someone that can give you a game that might push you!

Playing in one of the teams is a great way to improve your squash quickly whilst having a great social night out too! Many clubs/centres have teams and are always on the lookout for new talent! The teams cover a wide range of abilities….so don’t be worried about asking!!

If you want a game, a new squash/racketball partner…or whatever……why not visit our forums?

41 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Marie Hudson says:

    I am in my 50’s and used to love to play squash. I would like to try again – I have a reasonable level of fitness – still go jogging (couldn’t call it running). Does your club accomodate beginners/returners?

    My nearest Leisure Centre is Liskeard.


    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest in Squash and sorry for the slow reply!

      Liskeard (Lux Park) have not had a team in the Cornwall Squash Leagues for some time now and we would love for them to field a team in the future.
      Because of this though, I don’t have a contact for the squash side of their club.

      All clubs always welcome new players…and I am sure they will be more than happy to help you find a partner.

      If you don’t have their number… it’s 01579 342544.

    • Zoe says:

      Hi Marie

      Now I realise that this is a very late response to your message! but I too live in liskeard and am just investigating getting back into squash. Did you get anywhere or, if not, are you still interested in trying to start playing again?


      • Matt Waterton says:

        The forums should now be working!

        You can register and create posts in order to get games at your local court and interact with other players across the county!

  2. Faye says:

    Hi there,

    I’m looking to get involved in more squash over the winter and was wondering if there is anything going on in the wadebridge/bodmin area at all? Are there any ladies teams around? I played quite a bit at uni, and was part of the team there, but it’s been a couple of years without playing regularly, and I’d very much like to get back into the sport.

    Any help, or advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you


  3. Faye Shepherd says:

    Hi there,
    I’d like to get back into playing squash regularly and was wondering if there are any clubs in the Bodmin/wadebridge area at all? I used to play in the Uni team, but haven’t played properly for a couple of years. Any help or advice would be great. Thank you. Faye

    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi Faye,

      There are courts in both Wadebridge (Sports Centre) and Bodmin (Dragon Centre).

      I don’t think there is much going on at Wadebridge and it only has 1 court without much in the way of a viewing gallery….
      Bodmin however, has 2 courts and has internal leagues/ladders, so that would probably be the best place to start.
      Have a word with the guys behind the desk and they’ll point you in the direction of some players/contacts!

  4. Dan says:

    I’m trying to find opponents to play in Liskeard. Sadly there is no club or even a squash ladder just to find people to play. Are there any other players in Liskeard looking for new opponents?! Happy to receieve emails at In terms of standard, I’m fairly competent having played on and off for several years.

    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the post and apologies for the slow response.

      Its a shame that there aren’t any players up at Lux Park anymore as they used to have a couple of teams…..
      I’m not sure of any current players who are in the Liskeard area to play, but Bodmin does have ladder and quite a few players as does The Garden at Torpoint.
      I wonder if the staff at Lux Park might be able to set up a small ladder to try to get things going up there?…I’m sure that you are not alone in wanting to find new opponents.
      If you are unable to speak to anyone there, let me know and I’ll try to contact them myself to try to get something going.

      • Alan Norman says:

        Hi Matt
        I too have moved to the Liskeard area and would like to have a hit down here, did anything come of the conversation with Dan, as squash opportunities seem few and far between here?


        • Matt Waterton says:

          Hi Alan,

          Sorry that you couldn’t register for the forum….it has only just been implemented….I’ll look into that.

          I suggest you drop an email to Dan and get a hit together. We are very light on the ground in Liskeard nowadays….there used to be a team, internal leagues, etc. But that all fell by the wayside.
          We could really do with an enthusiastic Liskeardian to push things forward…with the help of Cornwall Squash & Racketball…of course!

          I’ll send Dans email address to yours.

    • Matt Waterton says:

      The forums should now be working!

      You can register and create posts in order to get games at your local court and interact with other players across the county!

  5. Matt says:

    I am trying to find a league in the Launceston area. I went to the Phoenix sports centre but the manager didn’t know of any. Does anyone know of any in the Ancestor area?

    • Matt Waterton says:

      Apologies for the delay in replying.

      I’m sorry to hear that there isn’t anything happening up at Launceston….there used to be a team and thriving leagues….but this seems to be the story all over the county.
      Who do you currently play up there?
      Would you like a Launceston page to help arrange games and get in contact with other players?

  6. Alan Norman says:

    I have just moved to the Liskeard area and am looking for squash partners and especially a club ladder or league. It does seem there is very much on offer in the area can anyone give me some advice or point me in the right direction.

    I realise the forum is the real place to post this but it will not allow me to register


    Thank you in advance

  7. Alan says:

    Thanks for that Matt
    I have contacted Dan and will be dusting off the Dunlop Maxply Fort once more for a hit.

    Thanks for replying


    • Alan says:

      Don’t worry Dan only joking re the racket :-)


      • Matt Waterton says:

        The forums should now be working!

        You can register and create posts in order to get games at your local court and interact with other players across the county!

    • Matt Waterton says:

      That’s great news!!!

      In the coming months we might be doing some things on open days, coaching, teams…. etc… is that something you might be interested in?

  8. Alan says:

    Yes, I may well be interested in that Matt

  9. Tobias Rossi says:


    I’m really interested in joining a squash team. I have recently got involved in the sport and am very passionate about continuing playing and think a team would be perfect. I’m 24 and live between Truro and Falmouth.

    Tobias Rossi

  10. Jo Banks says:

    Hi, any ladies looking to play in either Bodmin or Launceston. My squash partner Karen and I are always looking for new players, at any level. Please get in touch via this forum, we play for fun but are always looking to improve our game.

    • Holly says:

      I’ve been looking for people to play for a while. I play at Uni but when I come home to Cornwall am always stuck for females to play! I’m desperate for a game or just some skills practice! May be 2 years too late in replying to this post but if I’m not then let me know! I can get to bodmin quite easily from where I live. Thanks!

      • tbowyer says:

        Hi Holly,

        You sound like my daughter! She used to play at Southampton Uni and loved it there!

        Hope you can get a game in the Bodmin area? I’m more involved with the Truro Club but that’s quite a way out of your way.

        Hope you get some games at the Dragon Centre or at Polkyth maybe.

        Tony Bowyer
        Chair of CCS&RA

  11. jenna chowney says:

    Hi, is there any ladies/ladies team around Truro?
    I’m not a beginner but keen to start playing regularly.
    Many thanks

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Jenna,
      We don’t have a ladies team as such in Truro at the moment but we do have some ladies playing regularly at the club. There are various ways of playing at Truro but really the aim is to meet other players and get started. I will send you an email using your address so you can contact me again if you would like to be introduced to the club and start playing.
      Apologies for lateness of reply but I’ve been away for quite some time.
      Hoping we can get you back into it.
      KR Tony Bowyer
      County Chair & Truro S&RC Member

  12. Holly says:

    Unfortunately it’s been very infrequent all summer. I’d be happy to come to Truro occasionally if it meant I could play a decent game or two! Thanks

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Holly, you’re always welcome to get a game or two at Truro. I can set this up if you want. Free initially until you decide if you want to join then it’s just £35 for 3 months introductory. Sorry it’s way late – I missed your reply. Tony

      • Paul Sessions says:

        If anyone would like a game in Bodmin or Wadebridge please get in touch – i’ve recently moved from Winchester and keen to continue playing (any level !).

        • tbowyer says:

          Hi Paul, I’m not sure who plays at Bodmin or Wadebridge but I’m pretty sure that if you dropped by at either you’ll be given a list of names. St Austell also has a good number of players on their ladder. You have come from a great club at Winchester, hope we can provide Cornish opposition for you! Tony (County Chairman)

          • Paul Sessions says:

            Hi Tony

            Thanks for the reply – I have dropped into both but no success as of yet… I will keep searching ! If you hear of anyone just wanting the odd social game, please do pass on my details (happy to play ladies and gents).

            Best wishes


  13. Robert Leggett says:

    HI, I am keen to start up my squash once more after a few years lay off and wondered what the process is to join the club at Newquay or in fact how to book a court there. I used to be with Better gyms and booked through them, but I think they’ve given up to Wax gyms now, so no idea how the squash club and Wax intertwine. Any info would be appreciated. Thks

    • tbowyer says:

      Sadly the money orientated new owners of NQY have decided to close both crts (last one next month) to turn them into gyms. They players there are migrating to Truro S&LC or Bodmin Dragons though the two teams, both Div1, are looking to refurbish a crt in NQY but in the meantime will play out of the Ben Ainslie Centre (2 crts) for the remainder of the season. COVID has had a detrimental effect on our sport but Truro, Falmouth and PZ cont. to thrive, Bude and Bodmin are alive and kicking. I don’t know much about gyms but per sq metre they are more profitable in the long run.

  14. Lucy says:

    Hi, I live near Wadebridge and am keen to get back into squash. I used to play Kent County juniors, but haven’t played on a regular basis for 10-15 years, just the odd game here and there. I’d love to join a club/team for regular games and was thinking Newquay, but have seen they’re getting rid of the courts – such a shame! Is it still possible to join the Newquay Club? Will they play somewhere else? I’m happy to travel for games and am just wondering what my best bet is really – Newquay/Bodmin/Truro/Bude? Thanks for your help. Lucy.

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Lucy, sorry we overlooked your enquiry. Are you still near Wadebridge and are you still interested in playing? Or, apologies from us, did you find a place to play?

  15. Sophie says:

    Hi, I am looking to get back into squash after a few years off. I live in Newquay but work in Bodmin, so just wondering whether there are any teams at either of these locations that I might be able to get involved with? Any info or contact details would be great :)

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Sophie, I’m afraid NQY leisure centre decided to turn both courts into gyms over covid. We were all gutted as the club there was thriving but guess the new owners saw more ££££s in a gym! The teams and a lot of players migrated to Truro both at the Ben Ainslie Centre (pay as you go) and the members’ club TSLC. Bodmin, however, has two crts at the Dragons Centre and one team this year playing in Div2 in our county leagues. Mike Batte and Tom Orton are the people to contact at Bodmin. I can give you their contact info if you wish? I know their team would welcome new players this season. The main hubs at the mo are Truro and Falmouth though. Truro (as nearer) has a good atmosphere and a trial membership of just £37 for three months, internal leagues and four teams in the county leagues. TR4 has a lady player, Katrina Thomas, who plays to a very good standard. At Truro the main method of starting is to come along to their popular Club Night each Sunday 6-8pm. The racketballers play earlier. It’s only £2 a session and open to new comers and people wanting to try out the club, the sport and find out more. It’s a vibrant club with regular exhibitions – Paul Coll v Elias in March! I am sorry for not spotting your enquiry earlier but I’m away at the moment. Yours sincerely, Tony (County Chairman)

  16. Simon says:

    I live in the liskeard area and am just getting back into squash. I’m in the senior category (51). Are there any teams or groups I can get involved with?

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Simon, sorry for late reply. It escaped my attention, oops! I think the only place in Liskeard to play is at the leisure Centre but they don’t have teams there. At Bodmin Dragons they hope to have two teams this season for late Sept. I know it’s a drive away but if that interests you pls let me know. I think they have a club night to play and socialise.Failing that there’s Bude SC, a thriving community up there? Most of the teams and clubs are in mid Cornwall – Truro and Falmouth area. Tony

  17. Gordon Benbow says:

    Recently relocated to Cornwall and England.
    Interested in playing for county. Am 66 – just cam third in world masters in Poland and fourth in German Masters. Currently playing for Pirates.


    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Gordon, please have a chat with Adrian at PZ. He’ll have all the info about our county teams. Not sure we have enough for o65s, maybe one short, but better to contact Matt, County Chair, or Neil from Truro who does the age group teams. Tony

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