Launceston Squash Club

Pheonix Leisure Centre
Coronation Park
PL15 9DQ

Phone: 01566-772551

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  1. Richard Tarling says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering the Squash club in Launceston is still operational or has it faded out?



    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi Richard,

      Unfortunately, Launceston haven’t had a team for a number of years. I am not sure who is there nowadays, but we would really like to see Launceston represented within Cornwall Squash and Racketball.
      We are looking to try to encourage players in some of the clubs that have faded over the last few years to get back playing and rejuvenate them somehow?!!!

      In the coming months we may be able to help with an open day, maybe some coaching, etc…. is that something you might be interested in?



  2. Richard Tarling says:

    Hi Matt,

    I would love to get involved in any squash related activities.

    My partner lives in Launceston and I’m moving down mid October and wish to join a squash league.

    I have played for years with Friends and Family thus wish to continue my interest in Cornwall.

    Where is the closest league I could join? I will be working in Bude so I could play in any league between Launceston and Bude.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Matt Waterton says:

      Bude have a very good club and are always looking for new players for their leagues and teams…

      I have recently created some forums on the site for people from various areas to chat together and get games at their local club, etc……

      There were some issues registering for the forums…..but that should work now….

  3. Richard Davies says:

    I have just moved down to the Launceston area myself just over a 2 months ago and I am keep to carry on playing squash now that all the unpacking is sorted.

    I have popped down the to Launceston squash court but there seems to be no way of getting to know other local players. Did the open day ever mange to go ahead? It sounds like a great way to get to know people to play against. I would be pretty interested in trying to get a local league/ladder sorted as well if there was enough interest.

    I did try to register on the forum but without success, it said that registration is currently closed. The forum is a great idea though.

    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi Richard,

      I am currently working on things to try to make things a little easier to get hold of other players in your area…. I’m sorry its not working at the moment.
      Thanks for the feedback… Please keep checking back for updates, etc.

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