League Master Quick Rules

Our first season, please have patience…..

MATCH RESULTS:┬áThe HOME CAPTAIN submits the results using his team login. The VISITING CAPTAIN receives an email from LM inviting him to verify the scores and result. This is done by simply checking them but if inaccuracies are noticed the VISITING CAPTAIN should challenge them by CONTACTING the LEAGUE SECRETARY or CHAIRMAN (both have admin privileges and can alter results). If the VISITING CAPTAIN is happy with the results he has nothing to do………..

MATCH RESULTS must be submitted within three days or 5 points are automatically deducted from the HOME TEAM. The HOME CAPTAIN will get a WARNING EMAIL after 48 hrs – just a day to get the scores in! The software does this – don’t get stroppy!!!!

POSTPONEMENTS: this can only be done by contacting Tony or Neil with a ‘good reason’ and with mutual agreement by both captains. You must have a new date agreed upon so that Tony and Neil can enter it into LM before the date of the original match. Note: we have GAP WEEKS for this. All matches completed by the final week – Autumn 2017 is Friday 15th Dec.

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