Squash Pheonix Season 2021-22

England SquashCCSRA news! At our last meeting we decided to make every effort to set up the leagues and plan events from Sept-Dec 2021 hopefully with all restrictions lifted by then (aka Step 4). Events: County Junior Closed, County Masters Closed, County Closed Championships and Racketball Festival with others too! Even if some protocols are still needed these events should be possible TBC. We also hope to KICK START THE LEAGUES again from SEPTEMBER – clubs/captains have been contacted to ascertain team numbers in two divisions as before. Rebuilding after CV will be necessary hence 21-22 being dubbed THE PHEONIX SEASON. The Committee decided to hold a ‘normal’ CCSRA AGM in September. We have also made every effort to talk with all our clubs and centres and offer support with reopening – Matt is our guru here! Life will return to normal and we will be playing squash and racketball and sosialising with club friends again so let’s prepare it now! Your comments are invited…….

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