NQY2 County Champions 2018-19




Sadly the new owners of what used to be Newquay Sports Centre have decided to convert both courts into gym space which according to their rationale is more profitable. A 60 year history of squash is the town has sadly come to an end but the players are undefeatable in every sense and are looking for a new venue in the town or nearby. For now both teams will base themselves at the Ben Ainslie Centre at Truro Schoo. More news to follow, hopefully all good.

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  1. Matthew Thomas says:


    I’m going to be in Newquay 29th July-5th August. Could anyone tell me if there is a club night that I could come along to at Newquay squash club for a quick game? I normally play up in Manchester but it would be good to get a game in whilst I’m down and get a chance to play different people


    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi Matthew,

      We don’t currently have a club night. I would have given you a game myself, but am currently injured and trying to get back for the new season.

      I’ll ask around and see if anyone might be able to give you a knock.



      • Christian Miles says:

        Hi Mathew,

        We are coming to Newquay from Kent from 27/12/15 – 2/1/16.
        My son plays for Kent U-17s & is a squash nut.
        Are you free for a knock about anytime?


  2. Matthew Thomas says:


    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It would be great if I could get a game in, so thanks for asking around. No worries if you can’t find anyone.


    • Matt Waterton says:

      The forums should now be working!

      You can register and create posts in order to get games at your local court and interact with other players across the county!

  3. Lee Groves says:

    Hi, we have just moved into the Newquay area and my wife would like to continue to play racketball, are there any leagues, organised sessions or do you know of anyone who plays?
    Many thanks Lee

    • Matt Waterton says:

      Hi Lee,

      Racketball isn’t particularly well supported at Newquay and is mainly played at Truro and Falmouth.
      However, I think an internal Racketball league would be great for Newquay once there are enough players.

      Maybe we should put up something on the board to try to attract some other players????

      • Lee Groves says:

        That sounds like a good idea, could you try that and I will register and get in touch with anyone who shows an interest.It was very popular at our previous club once people try it. Maybe if you could just give a quick outline of the differences to squash people may be willing to give it a try!
        thanks Lee

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