Penzance Pirates

The Pirates          Home nights: Wednesdays

Captain: Adrian Cruse

Pirates 21-22 RU Autumn League Div 2. L-R back row Phil, Hatchy, Nigel, Gordon. Front row Adrian (capt.), Neythan, Mark.

Pirates 21-22 RU Autumn League Div 2. L-R back row Phil, Hatchy, Nigel, Gordon. Front row Adrian (capt.), Neythan, Mark.


Penzance Squash Club

Penzance & Newlyn RFC (Pirates)
Alexandra Road
TR18 4LY
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1st Team Captain: Adrian Cruse       Home nights: Wednesdays


Squad: Ian Hatch, Gareth Critchley, Adrian Cruse, Tim Hayden, Tim Poole & Gordon Mackie…….DIVISION 2 WINNERS 2018

Pirates 2018
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WOODSY RETIRES after 42 Seasons!


SAD NEWS! Woodsy retires from team squash after over 40 consecutive years – our longest (lasting!) serving player. Actually 42 consecutive seasons! It was a case of ‘dodgy knees’ and a strict telling off by the medics! Well done Woodsy – Racketball next?

Auction of Woodsy Memorabilia takes place soon – his black prince shoes, knee, ankle, elbow supports (well worn), pink grips, oversized dunlop squash bag, Devon County Team Shirts…….ha ha! Love you Woodsy and doubtlessly we’ll see you at team nights next season as the Pirates take on Div 1!

7 Responses to Penzance Pirates

  1. Mike Ezra says:

    I am interested in playing squash again after a long break having moved across to badminton when I moved to Cornwall 20 years ago.
    What is the format of your “home” night if I should come along for a recce. Is it a social night and how does a newcomer get involved?
    I am over 60 and live in st Ives.
    hope to hear form you,

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Mike,
      Good to hear you would like to play squash again. Probably your best bet for getting games is to contact the Pirates Squash Club which I know has a few members from St Ives. I dont think they have a website but i do know their #1 crt has been refurbished recently. They also play racketball there. They have a good team there just winning promotion to Div1 this season. We do have members at Truro from St Ives too but it’s quite a way. It’s probably the biggest club in Cornwall with 80+ players. For new members we offer a try out eve, our club night, which is every Friday from 7pm. Just come along and join in, racquets provided if nec. Just ring the bell and go upstairs and the barmaid will explain. It’s off-season now though and on the 25th May we have two top pros at the club doing an exhibition eve so no club night then! Otherwise there are crts at Carn Brea Leisure Centre, a good tennis and squash club at Falmouth, then it would be Newquay. Contact me again if you want more help – it,s a great game! Tony Bowyer CCSRA

      • tbowyer says:

        Hi Mike again. For the Pirates Club click on Penzance in our clubs section and you’ll see contact details, phone and email. Gareth Critchley and Ian Hatch are the people to contact. Tony

  2. Alexander Sowerby says:


    I was wondering if there is any way to hire the court in Penzance?

    Also if I wanted to join the squash club is there a beginners night or something along those lines?

    Thank you in advance

    • tbowyer says:

      Hi Alex,
      To hire/join Penzance squash crts you’ll need to contact Gareth on 07730377125.
      They’ve just had their glassback crt refurbished. Gareth should be able to give to all the details.
      Tony CCSRA

  3. Rory Bartholomew says:

    Hello fellow squash players!
    I live in Kingston Ontario in Canada and have family in Penzance, I have a favor to ask of someone. I play with Technofiber 125 Energy, the same racquet that Miquel Rodgriguez plays(ed) with. My local racquet stringer can’t get a new “bumper” or grommets for it and I am wondering who your members use locally to string up racquets. I am thinking that my family could purchase a couple bumpers for me and mail the to me out here in Canada.

    Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Rory Bartholomew

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