Strivers Tournament

(perpetual trophy)
This tournament is open to all players in the County       who are ranked 50 and below.
Before 1986 and the advent of ranking lists,       the tournament was called the       Ivan Kessel Invitation Tournament       and excluded players from the first division.

Mark Priem         (Newquay)         2007/2008 Strivers Champion

Mark Priem

2007-2008 Report Mark Priem (Newquay)
2006-2007 Report Stuart Cox (Torpoint)
2005-2006 Report Mark Sykes (Bodmin)
2004-2005 Report Rory Brickell (Falmouth)
2003-2004 Report Mike Honey (China Fleet)
2002-2003 Report Ian Hatch (Penzance)
2001-2002 Report Richard Warne (China Fleet)
2000-2001 Report Luke Vaggers (Truro)
1999-2000 Report Christy Pearce (Falmouth)
1998-1999 Report not held
1997-1998 Report not held
1996-1997 Report not held
1995-1996 Report not held
1994-1995 Report Alan Pepperall (Launceston)
1993-1994 Report Dax Ryan (Newquay)
1992-1993 Report Dave Bradley (Truro)
1991-1992 Report Dave Bradley (Truro)
1990-1991 Report Mathew Allen (Penzance)
1989-1990 Report Jerry Thomas (Falmouth)
1988-1989 Report Roger Mundy
1987-1988 Report C. Bailey
1986-1987 Report Gary Angove (Falmouth)
1985-1986 Report ———-
1984-1985 Report Peter Veryan (Truro)
1983-1984 Report Bill Collings
1982-1983 Report Peter Eddy (St Ives)
1981-1982 Report Simon Cook (Falmouth)
1980-1981 Report Malcolm Lock (Falmouth)
1979-1980 Report Martin Greenslade (St Mellion)
1978-1979 Report ?
1977-1978 Report Ken Cocking (Carn Brea)

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