Truro School Reach National Schools’ Final in Style

On Feb 6th our young KS 3 Squash stars literally reduced their opponents from Charterhouse, Felsted and Haberdashers to tears as they swept to victory with maximum points in the final group phase of the competition. The host school, Charterhouse, set up the 4 way match complete with considerable local support, spanking new team kit and top end facilities only to meet a Truro team in superb form, who were simply in no mood to be denied a place in the Grand Finals this March at Nottingham. The team of Jack Mahon, Louis Murray, Joe Thomson, Ollie Beaumont Callum Oliver and Ed Hayes won every single match to secure a huge clean-sweep over our illustrious rivals from these fine private schools. Jack and Louis are both ranked in the top 10 in the country as juniors, Joe is U 14 County champ, Ed is U 13 county champ and Ollie and Callum are both at county level and on the highest of improvement curves. The final scores warrant special highlighting as follows: Match 1   Felsted school 0 pts  Truro school 15 pts; Match 2   Haberdashers  0 pts   Truro school 15pts; Match 3   Charterhouse   1 pt     Truro school 15pts.

Several of the boys will now be in action again on Feb 11th, coincidentally at the same venue, against Charterhouse, a strong Wilsons and the no 2 ranked sports school in the country, Whitgift. This promises to be a tight and enthralling match which I suspect will be very closely fought right to the end. If we play at our absolute best, we can do it! Our method of travelling the night before, warming up at Winchester Squash Club in the morning and playing all afternoon will be our formula for success again as we seek to achieve a superb double-qualification (with KS 4) for the right to play for the National title outright next month.    Tim Smith   Head Squash coachjack training louis and marco van basten

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